December 8, 2014 AGENDA
Sisseton City Hall 6:30 p.m.


1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Adopt Agenda

3.                  Minutes November 10, 2014

4.                  Bills Payable

5.                  Reports:

a.       Liquor

b.      Police

c.       Street/Safety Officer

d.      Water/Sewer

e.       Building Permits

f.        Finance

g.       City Attorney

6.                  Public Hearings:

a.       7:00 p.m. Liquor license renewals

b.      7:15 p.m. Conditional Use Permit Homeless Shelter at 523 Veterans Ave.

7.                  Visitors:

a.       Community Asset Development Group senior apartment complex development

b.      Evelyn Akipa property improvement plan

8.                  Travel Approval

a.       Restricted Use Rubble Site Operator Training, Madison, SD December 9, 2014

b.      2015 Annual Report Workshop, Huron- January 15, 2015

9.                  Old Business:


10.              New Business:

a.       Airport Hangar Leases

b.      Airport Hangar Lease Fee

c.       Golf Course Contribution

d.      2015 Liquor Operating Agreements

e.       Pawnshop License Renewals

f.        Community Room special request CDP Hospital

g.       Approve bid solicitation for dump body

h.       Wastewater project construction change order #1A

i.         Authorize checking account and signer for Celebrate Sisseton (125th Committee)

j.        Authorize Mayor to sign 2015 Dakota-Minnesota (DMA) Airports District Office Grant Pre-Application Checklist

k.      Sisseton Area Chamber of Commerce request for funding

11.              Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2 (1)

12.              Ordinances and Resolutions:

a.       Ordinance 633 - 2015 Salary Ordinance, 1st Reading

13.              Information and Discussion Items

a.       2015 Municipal Government Day at the Legislature, Pierre, SD February 3-4, 2015

b.      Past due rent revenue

c.       Special December meeting

14.              Mayor/Council Member Reports

15.              Such Additional Items Which May properly come before the Council

16.              Adjourn


The meeting is open to the public and interested persons are encouraged to attend.  The TDD number is 1-800-877-1113.  Disabled individuals wishing assistance should contact the City Finance Officer for information and/or special assistance the request should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.