May 9, 2016 AGENDA
Sisseton City Hall - 6:30 p.m.




1.                   Call to Order

2.                   Adopt Agenda

3.                   Minutes April 11, 2016

4.                   Bills Payable

5.                   Adjourn

6.                   Reconvene

7.                   Oaths of Office

8.                   Election of officers (President/Vice President)

9.                   Reports:

a.       Liquor

b.       Police

c.       Street/Safety

d.       Water/Sewer

e.       Building Permits

f.        Finance

g.       City Attorney

10.               Public Hearing


11.               Visitors

a.       Terry Helms & Brooke Edgar, Helms & Associates Airport Environmental Assessment update

b.       Jayne Nieland 2015 Library Annual Report

c.       Jeff Pageler, Fire Chief Property Fire Protection

12.               New Business:

a.       Appointments

b.       Approve fees

c.       Authorize Mayor to sign SRO Renewal Agreement with Sisseton School District

d.       Approval to hire street & park summer help

e.       Approval to hire sanitation department laborer

f.        Approval to hire temporary City Hall clerk

g.       Street patching proposals

h.       Approve advertisement for two part time library clerks

i.         Teener Baseball request for funding

j.         Roof Project Bids

k.       Chip Seal Bids

l.         Health Insurance Renewal

m.     SEDC distribution of 2016 budgeted funds

n.       2016 Sisseton Swimming Pool contribution

o.       Special Event Applications:

   Lake Area Cruisers Car Show June 4, 2016

p.       Main Street Bar Operating Agreement

q.       KHC Construction pay request #2 Booster Station & Well Improvement Project

r.        KHC Construction Change Order #3A Booster Station & Well Improvement Project

s.       Kranz Well & Excavation pay request #2B Final Booster Station & Well Improvement Project

13.               Travel Approval:

14.               Ordinances and Resolutions

a.       Resolution 2016-3: Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

15.               Information and Discussion Items

a.       Set public hearing date for malt beverage licenses

16.               Mayor/Council Member Reports

17.               Such Additional Items Which May properly come before the Council

18.               Adjourn