August 14, 2017 AGENDA

Sisseton City Hall – 6:30 p.m.


1.                   Call to Order

2.                   Adopt Agenda

3.                   Minutes – July 10, 2017

4.                   Bills Payable

5.                   Reports:

a.       Liquor

b.       Police

c.       Street/Safety

d.       Water/Sewer

e.       Building Permits

f.        Finance

g.       City Attorney

6.                   Visitors:

a.       Lorne Sievers, Colonial Life Insurance

7.                   Public Hearings:

a.       7:00 p.m. Public Hearing: 2017-2018 Malt Bev. License & 2017 Wine License

b.       7:15 p.m. Surplus Property Bid Opening

8.                   Old Business

a.        Follow up on Health Board Inspections

9.                   New Business

a.       Patrol Officer Rescind Resignation

b.       Patrol Officer Resignation

c.       Taxi license renewal – Pat Fisher

d.       Demolition Proposal – Sullivan Property

e.       AP & Sons: Pay Request #1 – Watermain Improvement Project

f.        Approval to hire Chamber/SEDC/Promotion Executive Director

g.       Approve Employment Agreement with Chamber and SEDC

h.       Chamber of Commerce Funding Request

i.         SEDC Store Front Improvement Grant

j.         Old Football Field Grandstand Demolition

k.       Library Paint Proposal

l.         Recycling Service

m.     Xerox Lease Agreements

n.       Mosquito Control Grant Agreement

o.       Authorize Mayor to sign Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss with SDPAA for hail damage insurance claim

p.       Authorize Mayor to sign Agreement with SD DOT to allow State to purchase Parcel 16-Lot H1 in Lot A of Moshier’s Subdivision  for Project P 0010(91)358 Roberts County PCN 028U

q.       Propane/Fuel Bids

10.               Travel Approval


11.               Ordinances and Resolutions

a.       Resolution 2017-4:  First District Association 2018 support

b.       Ordinance 645: Taxi License first reading

12.               Information and Discussion Items

a.       2018 budget meeting – set date

13.               Mayor/Council Member Reports

14.               Such Additional Items Which May properly come before the Council

15.               Adjourn


The meeting is open to the public and interested persons are encouraged to attend.  The TDD number is 1-800-877-1113.  Disabled individuals wishing assistance should contact the City Finance Officer for information and/or special assistance – the request should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.