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Tyler Appel
School Resource Officer

  Duties of School Resource Officer

1. To protect lives and property of the citizens and public school students of the district.

2. To enforce Federal, State and local criminal laws and ordinances, and to assist school officials with the enforcement of school rules and policies regarding student conduct.
3. To investigate criminal activity committed on or adjacent to school property.

4. To counsel to public school students in special situations, such as students suspected in engaging in criminal misconduct, when requested by the principal or the principal's designee or by the parents of a student.

5. To answer questions and conduct classroom presentations for students in the law related education field.

  6. To assist other law enforcement officers with outside investigations concerning students attending the schools to which the SRO is assigned.

7. To provide security for special school events or functions, such as sporting events or graduation.

8. To provide traffic control during the arrival and departure of students, and traffic enforcement as needed.

9. To bridge the gap between police officers and the young people and increasing positive attitudes  toward law enforcement.

Chain of Command

1. As an employee of the  Sisseton Police Department, the SRO shall follow the chain of command as set  forth in the Sisseton Police Department Policies and Procedure Manual.

2. In the  performance of duties, the SRO shall coordinate and communicate with the principal or the principal's designee of the school to which assigned.
  Sisseton Police Department Mission Statement:  
"Our mission is to enforce laws, protect life and property and provide services to make Sisseton a safe place to live, work and raise a family."
The Sisseton Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.
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