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Officer Training

Sisseton Police Department strives to promote excellence in public safety through development of professional training, delivery of high quality training programs, and embracing the community policing philosophy. Thereby producing a highly trained and ethical professional, who will respectfully serve the citizens of Sisseton


  Work in a continuous spirit of cooperation and collaboration to address areas of common concern to all of those who serve in the profession of public safety.
  Create an environment where all people are treated with respect.
  Always maintain a high standard of conduct. Never compromise your word.
Dedicated Service
  The citizens of Sisseton, South Dakota are our customers and we will be respectful and responsive to their needs.
  Maintain a high ethical standard in our daily conduct.
  To provide a foundation of skill and knowledge for officers employed by the Sisseton Police Department, upon which they will continue to build and enhance their job performance.  Deliver the highest quality training possible to all officers, so they may perform their jobs safely and successfully. Increase the overall effectiveness of public safety by assuring an attitude of professional excellence, based on high ethical standards, and achieved through quality training.

Sisseton Police Department Mission Statement:  
"Our mission is to enforce laws, protect life and property and provide services to make Sisseton a safe place to live, work and raise a family."

The Sisseton Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.
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